The story of Bingo begins in sixteenth century Italy, the game’s birthplace. The game was offered to the Italian State Lottery, the Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia which was founded in 1533 and is still in existence today. In fact, with a yearly contribution of around 90 million euros, it still is one of the Italian government’s most important sources of income. After the game had proved to be a major succes in Italy, it spread to several other countries, including France, where in 1755 at lottery called Le Lotto was founded, Bingo being their most popular game.

In the early days Bingo used to be known by a different name namely Beano. The term derives from the English word ‘Beans’. In former times beans would be placed on top of the cards of which the number had been called.

However, bingo did not become popular with the masses until Ed Lowe, a New York businessman, discovered the game while at a German fun fair. At the time, the game was still known as Beano and was played with slightly different rules, especially if you compare it with our bingocams. When Lowe passed a crowd of people, he decided to take a look. He could see a pitchman with a crate before him, and in it were wooden disks with numbers on them. If the players heard that a number was called, they would place a bean on the number of their beano card. When someone filled a line, they would shout out BEANO and got to collect their prize.

Ed Lowe was so impressed that he immediately bought the game and decided to introduce it in America. But before doing so he first made a few minor changes to its play. Back in New York he would regularly invite friends over to play some Bingo. This one time however, one of his friends accidentally called out BINGO instead of BEANO. They immediately thought this sounded so much better than beano and decided to keep it that way.

The game became even more popular when an American priest was looking for a plan to generate some extra income for his church. His plan was to use bingo as a fundraiser. During the fundraiser he found that each game had a fairly large number of winners. However, the problem was soon to be solved by the help of a mathematician, who managed to created a couple of thousand of bingo cards, none of which were identical.

All of the above became a huge succes and soon Bingo had spread across the rest of America and the world.Today Bingo still is hugely popular and is becoming more and more popular as an online game. And now, our website even offers playing a fun game of bingocams against other players face to face.