How to play

The first thing you need to do to be able to play bingo is sign up for a free account. Please make sure to remember your login details. At bingocams we play 90-ball bingo. This means that the highest number is 90.

Choosing a room

After logging in to your account, you will need to choose a bingo room to play in. Check the overview to see which rooms are available, how many players the room has and what the price per card is.The more players a room has, the more money you can win. Occasionally big money prizes can be won!

To change rooms, go to the ‘Bingo Rooms’ button in the bottom right corner, next to your balance. You can only use this option in between rounds or if you do not have any cards yet.

Tournaments and bonuses.

Every now and then we will open Bingocams rooms that have a special status. Here players can win higher money prizes. In some cases players will need a certain player status to join these rooms. Moreover garuanteed high jackpot prizes can be won here. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news about these tournaments.

Buying bingo cards

When you have found a room to play in, you will need bingo cards to join the next round. How does this work? In the left corner at the top of your screen you can see a link called ‘cards’. Next to it is a slider that can be dragged from left to right. Adjust the slider to set the number of cards you want to buy. At live bingo cams all cards are always randomly generated.

When a round has ended there is also a possibility to click a card you want to buy. Click a card and it will change colours to show it has been selected. Next click the ‘buy now’ button and you will be good to go!

The same screen also has a counter. When it hits zero a new round will begin. The balls that are drawn are called by our staff and will be displayed in the top right corner of your screen. Simply sit back and relax as the numbers that appear are automatically marked. Each game has three different rounds: number 1 is one fully marked horizontal line; number 2 is two fully marked horizontal lines and, last but not least, number three is a full house (fully marked card).

Our jackpots offer you the chance of winning even more money. Jackpot 1 is the room jackpot. If you get a full house in under forty balls, you will win the jackpot. But you will have a chance of winning yet even more money with our progressive jackpot. These jackpots may hold tens of thousands of euros.

If somebody gets bingo a new game will begin.

Autobuy option

If you do not want to buy new tickets each time a new game starts, you can turn on our autobuy option. Check the autobuy box in the top left corner of your screen to automatically buy new cards when a new round begins. The autobuy option will remain enabled until you run out of funds or manually uncheck the box.


If you have won a prize with bingocams a small window with your avatar will appear. Your live win moment will also be visible to other players if your webcam is activated. :-) Prize money will be automatically added to your balance.

Game settings

You can easily adjust the bingocams settings by yourself. In the bottom right corner you will see an ‘options’ button. Click on this to go to the game settings page and set your preferences.

Automatically sort cards

When enabled this feature will automatically sorts your playing cards. This means you can instantly see which numbers have come up and which cards are the closest to winning.

Always show tips

By default Bingocams provides useful tips on how to use certain buttons on the website. This feature can be manually disabled if you are already familiar with them.

Activate Light Version

If you notice your PC is slowing down when playing Bingocams, try our special lite version. This version uses less memory and will likely run more smoothly.

Decline private chat requests

Enable this option if you do not want to receive private chat requests.

Card animation option

You can turn off this feature if your PC is having trouble running Webcam Bingo. Turning off the animation option will maximise performance.

Automatically close winning overview

A winning overview will appear when a player has won. Enable this option to automatically close this window after a few seconds.

Do not show my live bingo webcam win moment option.

When this option is disabled, your live win moment will not be broadcast to other players (a very handy feature in case you’re having a bad hair day!)

Display my status points to other players

Turn off to prevent players from seeing your level

Bingo voice effect

If you prefer either a male or female voice to call out the numbers, this setting can be changed here.