Topping up using my (mobile) phone. How does it work?

Go the the ‘checkout’ button in the bottom-right corner and a menu appears. In the menu click buy credits to open a the checkout menu.

Three different tabs are shown: ‘CreditCard’, ‘Telebanking’ and ‘Pay by Phone’. Click the ‘Pay by Phone’ tab to be redirected to a payment page. A phone number is shown. Call the number and follow the instructions. After having completed all steps, your credits will be immediately added to your balance.

Please note that we advise against calling us while your caller ID is disabled. If any problems occur with the transaction, in most cases, our helpdesk will be able to solve the problem by tracing your number. However, if your caller ID is turned off we will be unable to assist you. Also note that we will never call you on your home phone number.

After logging in at bingocams my screen turns completely black

If your screen turns black this may mean Flash player is not installed on your computer. In order to play bingo cams you will need to update to the latest version of the Flash plugin. This is trusted software and can be downloaded at: http://www.adobe.com/nl/products/flashplayer. Click the link and wait a few minutes for the software to install. When the installation is completed, close all windows and try to login. If you are using a proxy server please configure the settings to allow playing swf files.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, this is not allowed. If we notice that multiple accounts have been created from one IP address, these will be closed immediately. If we suspsect abuse of the welcome bonus in any way, we also reserve the right to refuse to handle payout requests.

I’d like to make a deposit using IDEAL

At the moment it is not possible to use iDEal.

I would like to request a payout, how do I do this?

Locate the checkout link on the bottom of your bingocams game screen and click on this. Here you will see an overview of the prizes you’ve won. You can also request a payout if your deposit balance meets the minimum amount of 25 euros. More information can be found on the payout screen.

When I request a payout I am asked for additional personal details, why is that?

Your bank requires a number of person details in order to process your payout request. These are details such as your name and the city/town you live in. All personal information will be treated as strictly confidential.

How do I make a deposit by creditcard?

Click the ‘checkout’ link at the bottom of the screen and then go to ‘make deposit’. In the window that appears 3 tabs are shown. Click the creditcard tab and fill in the amount you wish to deposit. Fill out your personal details and please check to ensure you have provided the correct information. Next click ‘complete transaction’ and the funds will be added immediately to your balance.

If my bingocams game is unintentionally interrupted, do I lose my credits?

Our system is is designed in such a way that no credits are lost at any time. Your credits are stored in your player’s account. You can simply close your game and continue playing on your next visit.

Should your internet connection get interrupted, your credits will not be lost. The game will continue even though you’re not logged in. Any winnings will be simply be added to your balance. If despite of this you feel something went wrong, please contact our helpdesk for assistance.

Are there limits to how many times I can play

You can play as much as you like. However, if we notice abnormal playing behaviour we will notify the player in question about this. This is a safety measure to prevent players from developing an addiction to our bingo games.

Sound and voice effects

Do you want to play bingocams discretely at work, or are you tired of the sound effect? Would you like to change the caller’s voice? To change these settings click the loudspeaker icon in the bottom of the screen.

The numbers on the cards are hard to read

If you cannot read the numbers on your cards properly, no worries. You can enlarge them by clicking the plus sign. To decrease their size click the the minus symbol.

What does a bingocams card cost?

This is different for each room. Each room has different stakes and so the cost varies between 10 and 50 cents per card. Always check the room overview before joining a game.

I have had Bingo but only received half of the prize money displayed!

When several players win a prize simultaneously, the prize money is divided among these players. For example, when five players win, the prize money is divided among five people.

How do I win the jackpot?

If you get a fully marked card in under 32 balls or fewer, you can count yourself among the lucky few! You have won the progressive jackpot! There is room jackpot as well which can be won if you get a fully marked card in 40 balls or fewer.

Is playing live bingocams illegal?

No. All games offered by bingobar.net hold an official gambling licence. We are fully authorised to offer online gambling games.

I have lost my password, how do I retrieve it?

Go to the login screen. The login window has a link called ‘forgot password’. If you have forgotten your password, click this link and enter the email address you signed up with. Within a few seconds you will receive instructions to reset your password.