Bingocams and chatting

We are proud to offer the Netherlands most enjoyable and fun website. Play bingo against other players and chat with them on our bingocams website. We have a public dutch chatroom, but you can also send private message while playing, either with or without the use of your webcam.

Private chat feature

If you would like to catch up with a friend you met on bingocams, you can use the private chat feature to send each other messages. If each of you have your webcams turned on, you will be able to hear and see each other face to face. To the far right you is an overview of players that are currently online. All you need to do is click a player’s name. When you have done this, a chat window will appear. To be able to chat, the other player will first have to accept your invitation. It is also possible to chat with up to 3 people simultaneously. If the other players have webcams, this will show up on your screen.

Activating your webcam

If you would like us to broadcast your live webcam stream and share your live win moments with other players, you will first need to activate your webcam.

How do you do this? Locate the webcam icon in the top right corner of your screen. Click on this and a new window will open. If your webcam is already active, an image will appear in the centre of your screen. After the image has appeared click the link ‘turn on webcam’. As most computers are pretty well protected, you may need to disable a security warning.

If you correctly followed the steps above, your avatar will now show your live webcam stream. Enjoy your bingocams game and chat away!

Editing your profile

You can edit your profile information to fit your needs. To edit your profile click the profile button in the top left corner of your screen. Here you can edit your player status, enter a funny quote/motto or change/add your profile picture. Alternatively, you can take a picture with your webcam and add it to your profile.

Our bingo staff members

When you play bingo at our website you will sooner or later meet our friendly bingocams operators. Our friendly staff are their to assist you and ensure that the game is played fairly. They also moderate the chat, ask you to join fun games and answer any questions you may have. Please note that our operators only answer questions related to the play of the game. If your question is about your account, please contact our helpdesk.

Bingocams Game Rules and Regulations

We have set up a few ground rules to ensure a safe and friendly atmosphere. Failure to observe these rules may lead to your account being blocked.

- please do not bother other players in any way
- please use an appropriate user name and profile picture
- do not broadcast any inappropriate images or ask others to do so
- please respect of the bingo cams chat hosts
- advertising of products or websites is not allowed in the chatroom
- do not flood the chatbox with repetitive text
- no arguments with other players
- the use of discriminatory, racist, sexist or other inappropriate language is not permitted